All About Klatch

Being in the specialty coffee industry for 20 years has been a huge blessing for the Klatch family.  The experiences and accolades we’ve accumulated throughout the years made us a legitimate authority figure in the world of coffee in its purest forms.

Klatchology is a blog that focuses on educating you, our beloved “klatchaholics” with in-depth training videos and fun facts on the conception of coffee from seed to cup.

Here, we will feature our Roastmaster, Mike Perry’s sourcing trips, his relationships with farmers as well as various videos from the Klatch team about sample roasting, cupping, extracting espressos and many more!

The best part is, not only do we provide great information about coffee, we also encourage everyone to jump in the party by leaving comments on each and every blog post.  This is a great way to hear your thoughts, suggestions and questions so we can build an awesome community where coffee is definitely the conversation.

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